The Millennials Series: A Healthier Lifestyle

Since finishing high school and no longer having regimented exercise on a weekly basis, I have struggled to plan my time to include strenuous exercise in my daily routine. Along with my limited exercise, I also found myself gradually gravitating to buying more and more cheap take away for lunch and snacks whilst at university.  Eighteen months ago I was at my heaviest; I was 15kg heavier than I am now, and extremely angry with myself for eating crappy foods and not exercising enough. Being perfectly honest my only exercise was walking to and from the train station to uni.

I joined a gym and struggled to find the motivation to go – I only went if my boyfriend at the time went with me, my self-confidence was extremely low. Nearly a year ago I gave up eating McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks, and started minimising the amount of “deep-fried” food I consume. In the last 4 months, since ending my long-term relationship, I have started training 3-4 times per week, sometimes twice a day. An app I have found really beneficial in tracking my progress fitness wise is Fitness Buddy, and I also track my calories using an app called MyFitnessPal – I average about 1200 – 1500 calories per day, and try to ensure that I am logging not only my food consumption, but my water and alcohol consumption as well. I eat salad nearly every day for lunch and snack on fruit as an alternative to chips and chocolate (of course I still do always sneak in the occasional chocolate bar!)


(MyFitnessPal and Fitness Buddy – definitely check these apps out!)

My favourite form of exercise apart from lifting weights would have to be boxing and kick-boxing – it’s such a good all over work out! I am currently looking for a gym that offers classes in kick-boxing that is also female friendly.


So I guess that’s my fitness journey to date – bring on a healthier and fitter me by the end of 2014!

– Sammie


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