The Millennials Series: BO$$ Camp 2014

I think I speak for everyone who attended BO$$ Camp 2014 when I say that my mind is completely blown away by the amazing kids that we just spent the last two days mentoring. These kids knew how to code, build websites, and the final pitches were better than I’ve seen some adults pitch!

I mentored a group of 14-18 year old students who called themselves “The Doppler Effect”, and created a product called “FitnessFusion AU“. By the end of day 1 they had already nearly finished building a website, and were getting validation from other students and mentors in the room, as well as started working on their final pitch.

Making teams IMG_5306  IMG_5307

The young entrepreneurs were lucky enough to hear the stories of many entrepreneurs within the South Australian Startup community, including the Brand Manager of 1625 Alison Barrett, as well as the head of Startup Adelaide and partner of Cirillo Hooper & Company, Chris Hooper.

IMG_5309 IMG_5311   Opening Ceremony

Just after 8 AM on day 2 they were already back hard at work, finishing off building the website and finalising the design of the logo, as well as building layouts for the apps they plan to release. They were privileged to meet the member for Kaurna, Chris Picton, who gave them validation for their startup as well. They also managed to raise $100 in sponsorship from BO$$ Camp and Career Blueprint.


I am so proud of this amazing group of kids, and cannot wait to see what they do next in their entrepreneurial journey! Thank you for choosing me to be your mentor.


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