The Accounting Technology Diaries: Three Key Takeaways for Millennial Accountants from the QBConnect Conference.

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Last Thursday I was privileged to attend the Quickbooks first Australian QBConnect Conference in Sydney alongside other members of the Accodex team. Chris Hooper, Accodex CEO was one of the speakers on the day, talking about “What Accounting Will Look Like in 2030, and Steps You Can Take Now To Ensure Your Firm Thrives”.

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One of my highlights from this event was getting the opportunity to meet Steve Baxter, from Shark Tank Australia.

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My three key takeaways from the event are:

  1. Diversify your technology stack. You need to diversify your technology stack as you don’t know when a piece of technology will become irrelevant or another piece of technology will replace and enhance the one you were using in the ever-changing world of innovation and technology. A piece of technology may work in one country, but not have the same functionality in another.
  2. Build strong relationships with your SAAS vendors. Your SAAS vendors will be one of your biggest assets in terms of keeping your clients happy and providing them with the best products to run their businesses with.
  3. Accounting will be disrupted. As mentioned by Sasan Goodarzi, accounting will be disrupted. Accounting is already being disrupted with the move away from traditional desktop-based accounting systems, with a push towards cloud accounting systems such as Quickbooks Online, paired with Receipt Bank for supplier invoices and receipts management.

It was certainly a well run day – and Quickbooks certainly know how to throw an after-party! I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s QBConnect Conference!

If you want any clarification on the above, please let me know in the comments or send me a LinkedIn message.

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