The Accounting Technology Diaries: What actually happened at Accodex post-QBConnect 2017?

*This article was originally published on my LinkedIn.*

Last year I was privileged enough to attend the first Australian QBConnect in Sydney alongside a few of my Accodex team members from our Adelaide office. QuickBooks certainly know how to put on an incredible conference, picking speakers who would engage and add value to the audience.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 3.07.36 pm

Throughout the conference, our team noted that there was a couple of changes we needed to implement at Accodex following QBConnect. So, what happened actually happened in the last year at Accodex post-QBConnect?

QuickBooks became part of our product offering for clients in USA and Australia.

We determined that QuickBooks, specifically QuickBooks Online (QBO) would become part of our product offering for our US-based Partners and their clients, as well as for niche, small business use-cases in Australia. QBO has been shown to be the superior product in the USA, especially as it has been around longer than other products in the market, and the majority of the development has been done on the US product. Our Partners have found that is has been easier to convert clients from QuickBooks desktop version to QBO since there is less of a learning curve than there would be if transitioning to a different product altogether.

In Australia, the self-employed app has been great for small businesses as it enables them to automatically track KM’s driven, as well as send invoices and track expenses and income for a maximum of $10/mth AUD. If the self-employed app isn’t suitable for their business, we utilise QBO.


Building strong relationships with our app ecosystem partners.

We have spent a lot of time working with our app ecosystem partners and building stronger, more meaningful relationships. We have partnered with key apps that integrate with the accounting software solutions we recommend for our clients and for the industries our partners specialise in.  We have focused on enabling our Partners and staff to become experts in the software by spending time understanding each product in-depth and working with our Partner Success Managers to provide more training and resources to our Partners.


This year, I’m super excited to be attending QBConnect again with fellow members of the Accodex team, from both Adelaide and Sydney.

The Key Speakers I’m looking forward to hearing, apart from the QuickBooks team, of course, are:

Sessions I’ll be attending:

  •      Unlocking the Power of Social Media Marketing
  •      Leveraging Your Practice to Create New Revenue Streams
  •      Relationship Marketing and the Language of Leads

If you’re going to be attending QBConnect, feel free come up and say hi!

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