I believe that it is imperative that all students and young adults be fully informed of the different options they have relating to their careers. Mentoring is my way of giving back to the community and educating the younger generation on the topics of business and entrepreneurship, providing them with an understanding of alternative careers paths to university and other tertiary providers.

Due to my experience of working as an accountant for Startup businesses alongside my involvement in Startup Adelaide, I gained the relevant experience required to mentor the younger generations in the topics of business and entrepreneurship.

I have been privileged to be involved as a mentor for the following programs over the last four years:

  • BO$$ Camp – Adelaide and Hobart (October 2014 – December 2015)
  • Career Access Mentor, University of Adelaide (May 2017 – Present)
  • EntrepreTour (January 2016 – Present)
  • Futurepreneur’s Launchpad (January 2016 – Present)
  • HYPA – StartMeUp and The Buck Starts Here Finance Tours (June 2015 – Present)

Please see the slideshow below of various events I have mentored at.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to book me as a mentor for an event, please fill out the contact form on the Contact page.

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