My name is Sammie and welcome to The Life of a Millennial Executive. In my previous career, I was an accountant, and this helped me to foster my passions around mental health, innovation, fintech and seeing people succeed in their chosen career.

I started in the accounting industry as a very green nineteen-year-old and was deep in the throes of an anorexia relapse. Over the last seven years in this industry, it has been terrifying to see the number of my peers who live with some form of mental illness, and how few of them are willing to speak up because of the stigma surrounding this. I truly believe that we need to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues around the world, not just within the accounting industry, but in all industries and walks of life.

I am also a competitive powerlifter (you can find out more about that here), and enjoy spending time with my rescue dog, Flóki, friends and family.