Let’s get real. Everyone has their own story, some are less pretty than others. Mine is one of those not so pretty ones. I’ve had anorexia since I was eleven. Yes, eleven. Turns out girls can be quite cruel, especially to others that they deemed smarter than them, and the availability of MSN, as well as mobile phones, ensured that they could continue their nasty behaviour out of school hours.

I’ve always loved the gym, ever since I was in high school and my school soccer coach introduced the team to it as part of our conditioning.  I first got into powerlifting mid-2014 after a quite severe relapse and my boss suggested powerlifting as part of my recovery process as it would teach me to fuel my body with food.

sammiej (19 of 28)

I have been competing in novice competitions since mid-2016, and have been to Nationals for two federations. Powerlifting has provided me with not only strength but an outlet for my everyday stress. In general, it has greatly improved my mindset and taught me that I have to nourish my body in order to be able to progress with the sport, as well as be resilient in the face of criticism.

If you are interested in getting started with powerlifting and would like more information on online coaching, please reach out to hello@sammiejohannes.com.

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