The Millennials Series: USA Study Tour

Over July I spent three weeks in the USA, and was privileged to visit Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley… well words cannot explain how amazing it was, Google, EA Games and Draper University, all key in furthering my love of entrepreneurship.

The main thing that really hit me was the open mindedness of everyone, and the flexible working hours and lifestyle they were able to experience. “Tall Poppy Syndrome” seems to be a thing of the past within this area.

IMG_4267                        IMG_4233IMG_4286     IMG_4253

A key player in the education and funding of young entrepreneurs within the area is Draper University (, founded by Tim Draper. One thing Tim Draper said to us was, “We don’t teach the head, we teach the soul.” They do this by having class 7 days a week, and providing an unconventional approach to the traditional style of university learning, and incorporate a “Survival Weekend” into the curriculum. Survival Weekend is where the students are required to spend a weekend out in the wilderness without the comforts of home.

Draper University’s co-working space, Hero City, was very similar in layout to Hub Adelaide and Majoran Distillery but on a larger scale. It had a full lecture theatre within the basement of the building, as well as conference rooms upstairs for Venture Capital.

Hero City Co-Working Space Draper University     IMG_4216

A truly amazing experience, I cannot wait to go back!

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