The Millennials Series: 2 Lessons that Millennials can apply to Business and their Career from their Passion

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I’ve spent the last week reflecting on what I learnt from my powerlifting competition on Sunday, 17th of September. I competed in PTC Adelaide’s 3-lift Novice Competition, my last novice powerlifting competition before I make the move to sanctioned competitions next year. I am ecstatic to have placed 1st against other incredibly strong women. As with all things in life, there are lessons I have learnt from my passion for powerlifting and competing that can be applied to business, namely surrounding the topics of motivation and trust.


1st Place

The two lessons I have learned are:

  1. Stay motivated, not everything goes to plan. I planned on hitting a 120 squat (New Personal Record) and a 60 kg bench (equal Personal Record), however, I managed to “bomb” both of the lifts due to letting my form slip, alongside the usual nervousness I get before lifting. I won’t sugar coat it, I was slightly frustrated with myself, however knowing I still had deadlifts to go, I refused to let it distract me. In business, you can make mistakes, or another person’s’ decision can change the outcome of what you are striving to achieve. It is imperative to ensure that no matter how much life throws you lemons, that you get up and keep going to achieve your goals. Failure happens, and it helps you to refocus and grow.


  1. Trust in your coach. It is so important to trust the person who is putting their time and effort into coaching you and ensuring you achieve your goals. I put all my trust in my coach and it paid off; he made the right decisions based on my lifts and how I was feeling on the day. In business, trust works the same way. You need to trust in your boss, mentors and business coaches. They will be able to guide you in the right direction to ensure the success of your business, career and goals. If you cannot trust in the people need to, you will need to re-evaluate your options.


I believe that it is imperative that with anything you do in life, that you learn lessons from it. It ensures that you constantly grow and develop, making you a more well-rounded individual.


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