The Travel Diaries: Travel Lights a Fire in Your Bones

They say travel soothes the soul, but really, it lights a fire in your bones that you can’t put out. Over the last 8 years, I’ve travelled to China, USA (twice), Bali and Europe. As I approach my second, and biggest, trip around Europe, I started reflecting on why I travel, and what I hope to get out of this next adventure. Living with anorexia, depression and anxiety, most people would expect me not to want to travel and leave the comforts of home, however, I love to push myself out of my comfort zone.

So why does travel light a fire in my bones?

  1. I love history and want to experience as many different cultures and cuisines as possible.
  2. I love to meet like-minded people, hear their stories, and what makes them love travel.
  3. I love to push myself out of my comfort zone.


Each trip I go on, I always set myself some goals that I want to get out of the trip. For this trip, my goals are:

  1. More control over my anxiety. To be able to cope when an anxiety attack hits, especially when it comes up when in massive crowds, like I’ll be in at Ultra Music Festival in Split, Croatia.
  2. To eat what I want without the anxiety that comes with being unable to control portion size and being unable to eat the same types of food I eat at home.
  3. To make more memories and push myself completely out of my comfort zone. Do whatever takes my fancy. I’ll be travelling alone for most of this trip on tours where I know no one else, and will get to meet so many people who love travelling and experiencing different cultures as I do.

For those interested in what I am doing in Europe, here’s my travel dates, tours and locations:

  1. Croatia Island Escape Plus  – 9 – 16 June (24th birthday present to myself!)
  2. European Whirl – 17 June to 4 July
  3. Ultra Festival  – 5-9 July

On a business side of things, I’ll be working from London between the 10th to 17th of July! If you’re in the accounting technology ecosystem and want to catch up, shoot me a message. Also, for any powerlifters in the London area, recommendations of powerlifting gyms to train at would be greatly appreciated!


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