The Millennials Series: 2019 Goals

It’s been shown that setting and achieving goals will lead to being more fulfilled with your life. I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to determine what my goals are for 2019. I’ve been pretty slack in prior years with actually sticking to my goals. This year I thought I’d document them somewhere public to keep myself accountable and make sure I achieve them.


This year I’ve set myself 7 goals for powerlifting.

  • 400kg Total
  • 70kg Bench
  • 150kg Squat
  • 170kg Deadlift
  • Compete at CAPO Nationals
  • Qualify and compete at GPC Nationals
  • Create a YouTube channel and create a video showing each week of training and competition prep starting from prep for GPC WA States.



  • Complete my MBA through the Australian Institute of Management by December 2019.
  • Achieve a credit average for my remaining subjects.



  • Redo my business plan
  • Have 5 monthly clients
  • Keep motivating and providing value to the Accounting & Bookkeeping Partners I work with in my role at Xero.


So, let’s see how many of these goals I can tick off this year! Stay tuned for updates!


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