The Millennials Series: 2018, A Year in Review

2018 has been by far the most challenging year yet. This year has been by far the one which has pushed me the furthest out my comfort zone. I competed in sanctioned powerlifting competitions, travelled to almost every state/territory in Australia at least once, finally visited some parts of Europe that were on my bucket list, and moved out of home. 

So, what actually happened?


This year I jumped on the platform, not once, but four times, and also coached a lifter through a Novice then Sanctioned competition from March to May. I set myself some pretty hard goals, namely qualifying for Nationals, a 70kg bench and a 150kg deadlift. Unfortunately, the 70kg bench didn’t happen. 

First comp of the year was the CAPO SA State Titles in May, where I broke 4 Australian National Records in the Junior U/56kg Class, with a 125kg Squat, a 65kg Bench, a 140kg Deadlift and qualified for Nationals with a 330kg Total.

I went into CAPO Nationals in August on the back of a 3-week prep after coming back from Europe, purely for the experience of competing at Nationals. I put up a 122.5kg squat, a 65kg bench and a 145kg Deadlift, with a total of 332.5kg.

The CAPO SA Open in October was my final three lift comp in the U/56kg class for the year, and I put up a 122.5kg squat, 60kg bench and a 150kg deadlift, a goal I had been chasing all year, and managed to equal my best total of 332.5kg.

Finally, in December, I jumped on the platform for a bit of fun and ended up going up to the U/60kg class for the CAPO Deadlift Only comp. I managed to get a 152.5kg Deadlift and broke the Senior Women (24-32yo) class record.

I’m excited to see where powerlifting takes me in 2019, with my first competition being in March for the GPC WA States. Stay tuned for updates!


When I left Australia in June, I had a goal to come back healthier and in a better frame of mind than I left it. I was run down, obsessing over food intake again after my recent weight cut for a powerlifting competition, and revisiting all the old behaviours I used to have before I relapsed the last time. 

While I was in Europe, I had to re-teach myself that food restriction is not an option anymore, that I truly am beating anorexia every single day. I’m in control of it, it’s not in control of me. 
I taught myself than facing my fears is more important than anything else, and willingly launched myself off the side of a steep hill to go paragliding and climbed 10m off the ground across random obstacles on a zip-lining course to conquer my fear of heights. 

The people that I met on this trip helped to change my perception of the world. If there is one thing this trip taught me, it’s to not waste your life, experience everything you can; you’re here on this Earth for a reason. 

You can read more about my Europe experience here:


This year marked 5 years as a member of the Accodex team. I travelled a lot, helped a bunch of new partners join the Accodex network. I attended a few conferences, and attended a lot of networking events, even speaking on the panel at a couple of them! 

I worked from London whilst I was in Europe, visiting Alex Falcon, Xero’s London and Milton Keynes offices, as well as Receipt Bank’s headquarters. 


But, I also said goodbye to this chapter of my life. The opportunities I experienced over the past few years have been instrumental in shaping who I am, and I am so grateful for the lifelong friendships I have formed with the team. 

New Opportunities

When I attended Xerocon in early September, I didn’t think it was going to be the catalyst for a massive life change. The keynote speakers, the overall vibe at the conference, and the relationships formed with other accountants & bookkeepers made me realise I needed a new challenge. 

By mid-October I left my family and friends behind in Adelaide, and moved out of home and interstate to follow my dreams and start a new job, working for Xero in Perth, Australia. You can find out more here in my blogs “The Millennials Series: So, I Jumped” and “The Millennials Series: The First Month“.

So, here’s to 2019

2019, I can’t wait to see what you hold. I’m ready for a new year of challenges and experiences. Bring it on!

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