The Millennials Series: MBA Reflections

Why an MBA?

I started studying a Master of Business Administration through the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) in March 2017. I felt completely out of my depth in the role I was doing (I was heading up Business Development for an accounting firm/accounting technology company), and by starting my MBA, I thought I would be able to upskill in areas I needed to more rapidly. It turns out, I was half right.

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What have I learned over the last two and a bit years?

  • You can learn the theory behind certain business concepts, but you need to be able to apply it to your business. If you cannot understand how to apply the concepts, your business is likely to fail.
  • Strategy is not all black and white, it is multi-coloured, like a rainbow, and has so many areas of speciality. You really need to think outside the square when considering strategic issues which could impact the organisation and remember the potential effects legislative changes can have on an organisation.  Think about future-proofing your business.
  • An MBA provides a solid foundation in all areas of business that are not taught in-depth enough during a Bachelor’s degree. I have learned so much more about how a business can grow and develop from undertaking the core subjects in this degree and taking electives in Entrepreneurship, Managing Consultancy Practice and International Business.
  • And I can still smash out a 5000-word report in 48 hours 😅

What’s next?

Lots of reading and studying things I am interested in! So far I’m three business-related/personal development-related books into my goal of twelve for the year. I’m tracking these books using the Books (originally iBooks) app on iPhone as I prefer to purchase business booked in ebook format.


Ticked off the list so far:

  • The Art of Living Alone & Loving It – Jane Matthews
  • Shoe Dog – Phil Knight
  • The Subtle Art of Giving A F*ck – Mark Manson

Stay tuned for my key takeaways from these books!

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